Is ZVOXX 555 Close to Perfection?

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Designed to maintain a low profile, the ZVOX 555 sound bar system is there to ensure that you have the best quality sound possible. It can fit directly underneath a flat screen television. It is designed to be a truly plug and play system.

Another fantastic feature of the device is that it allows you to easily add a set of speakers and have a functional surround sound system almost instantly. Those whom have contributed ZVOX 555 reviews have proclaimed its benefits in many different areas. This is especially true considering it as being a more streamlined option than traditional home theater systems.

Output Leveling

I know of some people who find the loud television channels or commercials to be disturbing. If you are one such guy, you’ll be delighted by what the ZVOX 555 sound bar has to offer.

The ZVOX 555 system is able to intelligently level the sound quality which is coming from the television to a level which is comparable to what is normally expected.

Many commercials are deliberately louder to attract their viewers’ attention. The ads commercial producer will hate it when they hear this. But the ZVOX can help soften the volume of the sound to make it more bearable.

Sleek Display and Hand-Built Cabinet

The display on the ZVOX 555 is designed to not attract any additional attention. A few seconds after the settings have been changed, the lighting on the display will automatically fade away.

There will be no glowing boxes underneath your television. For perfectionists, those tiny LED lights can be a real eyesore.

The cabinet which holds the ZVOX 555 is made from hand-lacquered wood for a beautiful and sleek finish. The wood paneling on the unit helps to enhance the sound quality and makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

The front panel controls are also easily accessible to make it easy for the end user to change crucial settings.

No External Speakers Needed

The biggest benefit to using this audio amplifier is that there are no speakers required in order to operate it. With those external speakers, you could be looking at a major home renovation and more added expenses.

With the ZVOX 555, all of the sound is produced by the box itself. Within minutes, it’s possible to have your own home theater system up and running without those other pesky speakers which cost a lot of money.

Programmed By Remote Control

All of the settings can be modified with the same remote which you already own. Many people with home theater systems own several remotes for each of their appliances which makes the system very difficult to operate.

This is the perfect sound bar option for those whom are not as technically inclined but would still like to enjoy the benefits of enhanced sound and video quality. If you are a person whom is not technically inclined, you will appreciate the lower setup costs and the sleek design of the ZVOX 555.

Energy Efficient

The ZVOX 555 uses a Class D amplifier which only consumes 10 watts of power while it is being used. Even while the device is at standby, it only uses 0.1 watts. This power system is one of the most energy efficient and enables the user to avoid burning too much electricity while it is being used.

You’ll notice a savings on your electricity bill and you can be confident that you are doing something beneficial for the environment when you switch.

placement of zvoxx 555 beneath LED tvrear view of zvoxx 555

Natural Sound

Many sound systems and amplifiers produce sound which is very rough on the ears. With the ZVOX 555, the sound which comes from the unit is as natural and even as possible. If you are afraid of loud noises, the ZVOX 555 is easier to listen to compared to similar units.

The ZVOX 555 is easy to use and operate with its features and capabilities. Users are also able to easily connect their portable music players and other devices to the ZVOX 555 to play their favorite tunes.

Customers have switched from higher-end sound systems to the ZVOX and have found that the change was for the better. The sound effects are lifelike and you’ll feel as if you are a part of the movie while listening to it.


Overall, many sound bar reviews that talk about the ZVOX 555 have nothing but praises for it. You can expect enhanced audio visual experience that it creates when watching movies.

Once you have installed the unit, you will be satisfied with the results. This unit is a great compromise if your partner does not like loud sounds or clunky speakers around the room. It can still offer all of the same benefits of a bigger unit.

For the value recieved, it’s a great option which offers all the advantages that you could ever wish for in a good sound bar system.

Know your alternatives before buying. Find out which models are good enough to be considered as the best sound bar for LED TVs. But if you are closer to an audiophile, our best pick for the high end sound bar category may be more suitable for you.

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