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The only thing more relaxing then watching television is watching television in your own home theater. If you have a go extreme or go home mentality, then you are going to need to build this incredible theater in your living room or bedroom at home. You can’t build a theater at home without owning a front surround system that is going to produce great sound. This Yamaha YAS-201 review tells you why this model come out top during our hunt for the best sound bar for flatscreen LED TV.

Yamaha YAS-201 Review Highlights

The Yamaha YAS-201 comes with a Yamaha sound bar. The sound bar was designed to provide optimal sound from flatscreen television and Blu-ray players. The use of Yamaha’s Air Surround Xtreme with Yamaha’s superior subwoofer quality, what you get is a cinematic experience that is enriched with deep and powerful bass sound. This system uses Clear Voice that makes dialect and narrations simple to hear so that you will be able to clearly distinguish conversation from the background sound action. The Yamaha YAS-201 also has Univolume, which helps keep commercials and television shows at the same volume, so you don’t have to worry about playing with the volume. The subwoofer is wireless so it can be easily placed. The Yamaha YAS-201 has a stylish design that can blend with any decorated room for the optimal look and sound that makes you feel like you are in a real theater.

The Pros

The Yamaha YAS-201 is a reputable piece of equipment because of the quality of other Yamaha electronics. This puts more pressure on a product to be great. The Yamaha YAS-201 exceeds the expectations. Our Yamaha YAS-201 review shows that this system works well right out of the box. People enjoy that the entire system can be set up within 20 minutes. The sound doesn’t disappoint as people surf through the variety of different channels. The sound options give you the opportunity to find the sound that is right for you, without you having to balance the sound between the commercials and the video. All of these features highlight the great features in the Yamaha YAS-201 review that consumers have found to be the most valuable.

Yamaha YAS-201 Sound bar reviews

The Cons

While this sound bar model from Yamaha is our best sound bar pick, there are two things that you need to consider when making a purchase. Based on our Yamaha YAS-201 review, we found the biggest limitation that comes with this Yamaha sound bar is the lack of audio input options. It has two audio input jacks but both are of optical type.

By sheer number alone, it is easy for one to dish aside the YAS-201. But think about this. With two jacks, you can plug the audio output from your TV and Blu-ray player at the same time. To most folks, these two devices are all they have as part of their home entertainment systems. Unless you have additional devices other than these two, do you think you need more than the two jacks?

The other lowdown of this otherwise great sound bar from Yamaha is the difficulty in its placement. Some people found that the equipment was difficult to place without blocking interference from the remote to control the television and claim that this system can only be comfortable placed if the television is mounted.

This flagship model from Yamaha operates with a total output power of 160W where 30W is used to power each of the front left / right drivers and 100W is to power the sub-woofer. If judged by the raw number alone, one may be tempted to assume that YAS-201 will not have the sufficient power to deliver the oomph, particularly for bass lovers. Such view is justifiable considering other popular models such as Samsung HW-F450, LG NB3530A and Sony HT-CT260 are operating with output power in the range of 300W.

But if you dive deeper and consider the actual sound quality that is being produced by YAS-201, you may beg to differ. Based on my personal review on the product, the overall frequency response of this sound bar model is more well-defined compared to its peers. Well, I did not go to the extent of doing a lab measurement on the variance output at the different audible frequency range which will be the ultimate benchmark. But based on other consumer reviews on YAS-201, my conclusion is quite consistent. To put it more simply, it means that the more precise sound reproduction is enough to compensate for its lack of oomph power. My favorite argument is since we are not going to use it in large rooms, those extra wattage may be something extra that most of us don’t really need it anyway.

The Verdict

Based on our Yamaha YAS-201 review, we have come to the conclusion that if you are looking for quality sound with incredible qualities, then you won’t have to look any further. You want to prepare to make sure you have the space for the equipment before buying and you may be better off buying the product new. If these qualities match your home theater set up, then the Yamaha YAS-201 is the solution for you.

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  1. Francis

    I actually replace my 5.1 Denon speakers with this soundbar as I don’t really watch that much movies nowadays and soundbar is really a neat idea. I wasn’t really expecting much, but the sound of this model is really good. Of course it is not better than a 5.1, but it’s comparable.

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