Sony HT-CT660: Engineered for the Finest Audio Reproduction

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The Sony HT-CT660 is a 330-Watt audio system designed to reproduce the natural warmth of audio from numerous wired and wireless sources.

The 2.1 channel configuration partners a powerful wireless subwoofer to the sound bar, blending the sound between the two high-performance components.

These are defining factors in looking for the best sound bar on the market, but there’s a great deal more to this unit.

I refer to Bluetooth functionality, clutter-free installation, and a comprehensive set of inputs that place the system in stellar company up among sound bar reviews sporting far higher price tags.

Does Sony HT-CT660 Live up to Greatness?

It’s powerful but a little big

The sound bar and its companion subwoofer opt for expansive dimensions in both the width of the bar and the height of the sub.

While not exactly a negative, I believe some wall spaces and entertainment cabinets will have trouble containing the 46″ of the bar and the nearly 16″ tall sub. If you have such issue, Sony’s smaller HT-CT260 is something that you may want to consider.

Wireless subwoofer as part of Sony HT-CT660 soundbar unitWireless connectivity support in Sony HT-CT660

Otherwise, when optimally positioned, the two components fade into the background of an entertainment setup, communicating with each other through a wireless link.

The speakers concealed within the hexagonal sound bar are capable of delivering detailed audio, reproducing an immersive sound field complete with accurate reproduction of audio across a wide frequency range.

This audio combines with the low-frequency punch from the powerful sub to accurately render dialog, music, and movie explosions

One of the simplest to operate

To be short-listed for best sound bar in its class, a sound bar requires more than spectacular sound. It needs to include features centering on convenience and usability.

The Sony HT-CT660 meets these requirements, excelling in many critical areas. It’s easy to configure, requiring only a single wire to snake between the entertainment system and the HDTV.

The hexagonal speaker design in Sony HT-CT660 sound barImmersive wide surround quality of Sony HT-CT660

Other sound bar reviews penalize sound bars for lacking inputs and a display of some kind, but this entry from Sony has 3 HDMI inputs and a center display panel on the sound bar to provide feedback when changes are made.

There’s also Sony’s own solution to the bulk of the bar blocking IR signals from a TV remote, a function called IR repeater pass-through, which does just as it states, passing the signal through the bar to the blocked remote sensor.

Built for wireless connectivity

Sony’s built-in Bluetooth technology wirelessly streams audio to the two components.

Pair a mobile device with the sound bar by using the Bluetooth option, or simplify the pairing process by utilizing NFC, near field communication, before starting playback of a stream of music stored on a smartphone or tablet.

The ease of configuration, hooking up HDMI cables and setting up wireless streaming, are a big selling feature of this system from Sony, but some users have noticed instances where that operation breaks down.

In short, there are several important areas that leave the unit shy of being the best sound bar in its price range.

The wireless connectivity, so heavily promoted by the manufacturer, occasionally drops out causing stuttering, and the HDMI inputs have been known to glitch.

These drawbacks are more than offset by a huge number of glowing reviews, as well as the inclusion of features such as Dolby TrueHD, a DTS HD master audio mode, and Sony’s own S-Force PRO front surround 3D technology, creating a simulated field of surround sound.

My Personal Take

Yet another standout entry in sound bar reviews from an enduring electronics manufacturer. The highly affordable Sony HT-CT660 is packed with features, making it an ideal fit for movies, music and mobile streaming.

The rear of the bar includes enough inputs to satisfy fussy audiophiles, while the front has powerful speakers. A strong wireless component to the system hooks up the companion subwoofer and streams audio from mobile devices.

Does this make Sony HT-CT660 as the best sound bar for LED TV? then? Well, the answwer is close to a yes but not quite a perfect sound bar. WIll I be buying it? If I’m a long-time Sony fan, yes I will.

Otherwise, I would recommend checking the likes of Pioneer SP-SB23W Andrew Jones sound bar series before jumping into any decision.

Image credit Dennis Skley

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