Vizio Sound Bar Reviews: VSB200 vs VSB207

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Vizio is a powerhouse of a company with quite the presence in the sound systems market. One of their most famous products is the sound bar, which they do quite well. It’s easy to find Vizio Sound Bar reviews because of this, but it’s hard to find comparison pieces that help you choose between two similar but seemingly just as awesome products. Here, we’ll add to those Vizio Sound Bar reviews and take a look at the Vizio VSB07 vs the Vizio VSB200. They’re both wonderful products, but one is better for one kind of person, and the other, for another. Let’s take a look at why.

Vizio VSB200

Vizio VSB07

The Vizio VSB07 is a 32” sound bar that you should be able to fit on your entertainment shelf or mantle with no problem at all. It’s a system perfectly suited for those who want to augment their HDTV setup with a one-piece, affordable-yet-powerful speaker, but don’t quite want to drop the cash for a full-blown HDTV surround sound system, at least until they experience a taste of the home theater phenomenon. The VSB07 is a little less sonically powerful than the Vizio VSB200, though, making it a better choice for those with somewhat smaller rooms that can sufficiently be filled with less powerful speaker systems. It’s still loud, though – it puts out around 91dB of sound power – and it has impressive range for a sound bar.

Ultimately, the Vizio VSB07 is probably a wonderful choice of first sound bar speaker for those who are just looking to experiment with them, or who are on a budget and want the best bang for their buck. The Vizio VSB07 is extremely powerful – more than enough to blow most families in the TV room away in a war movie – but not for the big, dedicated theater spaces some people have put aside in their homes. Most Vizio sound bar reviews would agree with this position, and we have to jump on the bandwagon here.

Vizio VSB200

The Vizio VSB200 is a definite step up from the Vizio VSB07, but not in any huge and fundamentally important ways. It’s a whole lot louder than the Vizio VSB07, which makes the Vizio VSB200 the best choice between the two for those looking for a really loud machine that can really rock the entire TV room or theatre room. On top of that, the Vizio VSB200 has better frequency reproduction properties than the VSB07, something not frequently or consistently noted in other Vizio sound bar reviews. Overall, the Vizio VSB200 seems like the best choice for customers interested primarily in volume and sound pressure, and accurate to perfect reproduction of the sounds coming through the sound bar. The Vizio VSB07 is well suited to doing just that, but a little less consistently, and not with the same oomph that the Vizio VSB200 gets it done.

The Verdict

As we know it, Vizio is popular not because they produce the best sound bars in the market. Rather, they are the one who is able to offer decent option at reasonable price. The Vizio VSB200 is definitely the better option when compared to Vizio VSB207 but it comes at an extra cost.

Since you are interested in Vizio sound bars, we recommend you to also consider Samsung and LG sound bars as the alternatives. The price range of these brands are close in comparison. If you have Vizio TV, then Vizio sound bar will be your #1 option. But if you have one of the latest Samsung Smart TV, you may want to consider getting a Samsung sound bar system to ensure better and smoother compatibility.

If price is not the major concern and the best is what you are looking for, check out this small list of what we found to be the best sound bar for flatscreen and slim LED TV.

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