Is Sharp HT-SB60 Sound Bar Worth Considering?

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If you are in the market for a new sound bar to complete your home surround experience, you may not want to shed out the big bucks. Does it necessary mean that you will lose out the higher quality sound bar systems? Yet with so many lower cost brands aggressively marketing their own solutions, identifying the good from the bad sound bar solutions is just like looking for a needle in a haystack. This Sharp HT-SB60 review aims to make it easy for you to identify the pros and cons of this Sharp sound bar solution.

When it comes to living room entertainment systems, Sharp LED TVs which are better known by the Sharp Aquos brand, were among the pioneers in this space. But how about the quality of Sharp sound bar systems? With little reputation as home theater players, what kind of quality can one expect out of their Sharp home theater sound bar HT-SB60 solution?

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Sharp HT-SB60 Review Highlights

We are going to kick off this Sharp HT-SB60 review with the same way everyone else starts their Sharp HT-SB60 reviews, with the key features that make this product different from other competitors. This product has a 2.1 channel 310W soundbar that was designed to produce powerful sound that gives your living room the feeling of being in a live theater. By the way, this model is optimally designed to work alongside a 60-inch Flatscreen LED TV. I tend to think that it is not purely due to aesthetic reason. If you can fit a 60-inch TV in your living room, then you must have quite a spacious room. In simple terms, I think the oomph delivered by this Sharp sound bar model might be too powerful if you have a smaller TV panel (and smaller room).

This product also has a wireless subwoofer, which makes positioning simple, without having to worry about interference from your other remote controls. This product also offers bluetooth audio so you can do a wireless music streaming albeit minus the hassle of wire connections. Above all other key features, this system is wall mountable to make for optimal space in your home theater.

One thing we notice that a lot of readers tend to get confused of is the serial number which tends to be easily misinterpreted as Sharp HT-SB600. Do take note that the Sharp HT-SB600 is a model that has probably come to end of life. In its simplest term, the difference between HT-SB60 vs HT-SB600 is that the former is a 2.1 while the latter is a 3.1 channel system.

The Pros

Sharp HT-SB60 Sound bar reviews

First, let us begin by highlighting some of the best qualities of the HT-SB60. The main praise for this Sharp 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Surround System is its simple plug and play installation process. You don’t have to waste time trying to hook up your system, so you can get right to testing it out. People who have used this product enjoy that it has great sound. Since it has bloothtooth capabilities, you can enjoy the luxuries of listening to music or televisions shows from a smaller source and still have great sound. People who have purchased this product have also listed the clear bass and treble as one of the most promising pros to this product. It is no wonder that in several Sharp HT-SB60 reviews such as the one done by the guys at CNET, this model always comes out top.

The Cons

From our Sharp HT-SB60 review, we found one design aspect that proves to be an irritating complain among many who have bought this Sharp sound bar model. The audio input or audio connection ports are not so elegantly designed. Unless you are a geek or you have previously been involved in a product design process, it is hard to visualize this problem until you see it. You have to see the port layout in Sony HT-CT260 and you will know what good engineering design is. In HT-SB60, the ports are arranged in opposite sides which can be difficult if you are indeed using multiple of these ports at the same time.

The other common complain of Sharp HT-SB60 is the length of the cords that come in the standard box. Unless you have confirmed that the length of the cords is long enough, the general advice is to measure and estimate the cord length that you would need based on your room size.

The Verdict

It is time to wrap up thn Sharp HT-SB60 review with a final verdict. If you can’t afford to spend all your money on one of the more expensive systems, Sharp is definitely the way to go. This product has all the benefits of the top sound bar systems, yet costing probably only half the price. It definitely comes with some imperfections but if you know what you’re doing, they may be nothing more than trivial issues.

If you are looking for low cost sound bar alternatives, do check out the latest and most popular LG NB3530A. However, if only the best is good enough for you, check out our pick of the best sound bar for slim TV.

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  1. I have the SB60. Had it for about 13 months then it stopped working. After three calls with Sharp tech, no one can figure it out. If you are looking for a good quality product that will last for more than a year this is not it. If you want to blow $400 for a product that lasts about a year then this is the one for you. I disagree that this is the best value for the money. This is a get what you pay for product that doesn’t have a long lifespan.

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