Wind Down 2013 with these 5 New Delightful Sound Bars

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Wind Down 2013 with these 5 New Delightful Sound Bars

As we have boldly predicted some time back, the sound bar trend is unstoppable. It is here to stay. It is here to conquer every living room. For better or worse, virtually every living room will be equipped with a sound bar entertainment system and that day will soon be here.

It is a bold prediction, isn’t it? Yes, it is if you are still living in the past. No, it isn’t if you living in the present. Just look at the sheer number of manufacturers who have made forrays into the sound bar business and the gushing streams of new models making their way into the market almost on monthly basis. We have come to almost the end of 2013 and I thought it might be good to recap some of the more recent additions that in my opinion, stand out from the crowd.

I’m not saying these are the best sound bars for the year. In fact, all the 5 models that are on this list are considered brand new. They had only recently been unveiled. Hopefully, we’ll get to work on the reviews for some or all of these models in the near future.

For now, enjoy! We at SoundBarReviewsHQ.Net, wish you a Geeky X’Mas and Happy New Year!

Pioneer SP-SB23W

Have you heard Andrew Jones? No, he’s got nothing to do with the Indiana Jones movie (lame, isn’t it?). Andrew Jones is the Chief Speaker Engineer (anyone heard of the CSE job title before?) at Pioneer. If there is a Hall of Fame for audio engineers, he will definitely be in it. Can you imagine desigining and engineering speaker systems that are supposed to be selling at $80 compared to one that is supposed to be selling at $80,000? I’d be shaking my head if I was asked to do that but that’s what Andrew Jones have accomplished.

Pioneer’s latest SP-SB23W is one of the recent addition to line-ups of sound bar being offered on the market. If you just skimp through the spec, one feature that sets the Pioneer SP-SB23W sound bar apart from its peers is its solid wood design. In the world of sound bar, this is considered a rarity. Most sound bars you see today are made of cheap plastic materials which results in poor audio reproduction quality.

I’ve not had a chance to try it myself. But a good friend of mine has recently bought it and we’re going to his house for Christmas party. I’ll be back with the first hand review of Pioneer SP-SB23W as soon as I have it.

Who is it for: Audiophile

Bay Audio TVX Series

Economies of scale is what matters to businesses. This cannot be more true than the consumer electronics. Bottom line numbers are determined by sales volume and profit margin. The more you sell, the more you make. The more you make, cheaper will be the cost.

That has always been the rule played and obeyed by the sound bar manufacturers. Come Bay Audio. With the TVX series, the company is set to appease audio enthusiasts who so far have no option but take what’s offered on the shelves. Known as supplier of ultimate custom loudspeaker solutions, Bay Audio is finally bringing the customizeable option to the sound bar enthusiasts.

If you wish to have a sound bar that does not look like that’s in your neighbors’ living room, Bay Audio TVX sound bar series would be a delight.

Who is it for: Trend Rebels

Jamo Torsten

Jamo certainly needs no introduction if you are a serious audio guy. But it is good to note that Jamo and Klipsch are essentially of the same company. Klipsch’s entry to the sound bar market has been quite some time and we have earlier discussed about the Klipsch HD Theater SB3.

However, Jamo has never made any sound bar until recently. The first model that marks the brand’s entry to this market is named the Jamo Torsten. For those with fascination for the Danish audio quality (think Bang & Olufsen), Jamo’s latest addition could be what you’ve been waiting for.

When talking about sound bar, it is just a piece of bar made up of several speaker drivers line-up side-by-side. I wonder how far these guys can achieve when they talk about beauty and simplicity in design. I think Jamo Torsten only gives us a peek into what we can expect from the company for the next few years to com.

Who is it for: Audiophile

Polk Audio N1 Sound Bar

Polk Audio is another name that is familiar to most audio enthusiasts. Polk Audio has previously released few sound bar models, from the entry-level Surroundbar 2000, Surroundbar 3000, 4000, 6000 and the ultimate 9000 series.

The recently unveiled N1 series marks the latest addition to what is looking like a crowded market. According to the marketing pitch, Polk Audio N1 sound bar series is designed for gamers in mind. If you are an XBox gamer and you feel that design of the typical sound bars is getting in the way, the N1 series might be the answer.

Who is it for: Gamers

Sony HT-ST3

My impression of Sony is that it is a great company but has lost some of its innovation creativity in the past few years. However, the company seems to be making a comeback in recent times with the introduction of such products as the world’s first waterproof smartphone and first mirrorless camera. It is like giant that has been down but not defeated and looks like it’s making a strong comeback.

But on the home entertainment front, Sony has consistently impressed. Just look at the HT-CT150 and HT-CT260 and you know that they deliver one of the highest satisfaction ratings among the buyers. Expect the same superior sound quality with Sony’s latest HT-ST3.

If there is one neat trick that has been introduced in the HT-ST3, it would be the ‘Football’ mode. If you are a fanatic football fan and love the stadium atmosphere, HT-ST3 might just be able to bring that atmosphere to your living room.

Who is it for: Sports Fans

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