Pioneer SP-SB23W: Designed by World’s Renowned Audio Specialist Andrew Jones

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The tangle of wires associated with surround speakers can quickly be reduced by adopting this sound bar system from Sony. Poised as a solution to the multiple speaker issue, the Pioneer SP-SB23W is an elegant two-piece solution, a solid entry among competing sound bar reviews.

It’s comprised of a compact but powerful subwoofer and a long, skinny sound bar equipped with six high-quality speakers. Both devices fit equally well into a hi-tech living room space or a well-appointed living room, thanks to the black composite wood carved cabinet.

Is Pioneer SP-SB23W Proved to be a Winner?

Greatness you can expect

Sonically, the 36″ long sound bar delivers plenty of power and clarity thanks to each of the speakers being paired with a dedicated amplifier rated for 28-Watts of output.

This configuration ensures outstanding audio quality and a wide sound stage that blends with the deep bass of the wireless subwoofer. Distortion free at the highest volume levels, both units perform consistently well, although there are some complaints over the subwoofer.

Main soundbar unit of Pioneer SP-SB23W Andrew Jones soundbar systemMain driver speakers in Panasonic SP-SB23W soundbar solution

Specifically, the Bluetooth connectivity between the two devices occasionally cuts out, dropping the bass. This issue could be a quirk of setup or be confined to a handful of devices, but it bears mentioning.

Otherwise, the balance of rich audio from both the sound bar and the 10″ high subwoofer is considered exceptional from this iconic manufacturer, defining the product as being among the best sound bar entries in the market.

Wireless connectivity is not the best

I hesitate to label the Pioneer SP-SB23W a nominee for best sound bar as it does have some faults, though they are small.

Wireless connectivity, as mentioned above, can drop out, and the remote control included with the unit is a touch small and clunky.

Additionally, there’s no digital display to use as feedback when making fine adjustments. As sound bar reviews go, this immersive speaker setup is definitely a top-tier device, but not quite perfect.

Solid wood subwoofer with powerful oomph of Pioneer SP-SB23W Andrew Jones soundbar modelVolume and control panel in Pioneer SP-SB23W soundbar home theater system

High quality wood speakers deliver oomph

Regardless of these minor flaws, here is a speaker system made from high-quality composite wood not cheap plastic or easily scratched imitation veneer.

The cabinet aids in delivering the boom of the 2.4 GHz subwoofer and the rich highs and mid-tones of the sound bar with its individually powered array of speakers.

Position the bar below a television, situating the tiny sub discreetly in the entertainment stand, and viewers are treated to the detailed surround sound of a movie or orchestral works of a classical composer.

Immersed deep in a wide sound field, it’s easy to be drawn into the dramatic action of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Peripheral connectivity

Connectivity is an important feature of modern sound systems, integrating the latest mobile wireless standards handed down from smartphones.

I see many of the best sound bar systems promoting differing wireless options in complex manners. But the Pioneer SP-SB23W simplifies that option.

The wireless streaming support in Pioneer SP-SB23W allows users to stream smartphone or tablet content straight to the sound bar and sub through easy to configure Bluetooth technology, the same tech that interfaces the subwoofer to the bar.

What Did I Think?

Speculating over leading sound bar reviews can be a challenging prospect, but this system checks all the boxes, making it a tempting purchase for a compact home entertainment setup free of messy wires.

It’s easy to configure, never standing out as a mess of 5.1 speakers and the associated wiring would. Wireless connectivity multiplies an already comprehensive feature set, and there are more interesting extras to discover.

Three selectable sound modes set the characteristics of the sound bar between movie, music and dialog, emphasizing the tones of instruments or the spoken word. The final purchase decision is down to individual taste, but I see this system as a leading contender for a simple, powerful audio entertainment system.

As a sound bar that was introduced in the later part 2013, I earlier tipped Pioneer SP-SB23W as one of the promising sound bar to watch in 2014. Now that I’ve finally had my hands on it, I have to say my gut feeling proved to be true. This is a great solution for any home owner who has to survive with limited room space and yet expect the ultimate in home entertainment experience.

But where does it stand among the best sound bars made for LED TV? Read on if you want to find out.

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