How Good is Philips CSS2123B Sound Bar?

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Philips CSS2123 reviews

Everyone dreams of having the ideal theater system inside of their home to get the ultimate television watching experience. It can be difficult to choose the right equipment to create this system, which is why we have decided to review some of the top sound equipment on the market. In this edition of our sound bar review, we are going to do a Philips CSS2123B review in which we will highlight the key features, major pros and cons of the this Philips sound bar model. With these essential info, you will be all set and ready to make a decision if this Philips home theater sound bar model is right for you.

Philips CSS2123B Highlights

We’ll kick off our Philips CSS2123B review by highlighting all of the key features of the product. First of all, this Philips sound bar model uses Philips’ virtual surround sound to create rich audio sound and crispy clear dialogues that is found in all Philips speakers. The DoubleBASS technology was created within the Philips Home Theater to capture deep bass tones that contribute to the optimal sound of the system.

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One feature that sets Philips sound bars apart from their competitors is the absence of Bluetooth connectivity that is instead substituted with the traditional 3.5mm audio jack. I wonder if this is a smartly callibrated decision or it is just a case where Philips lag behind in terms of technology advancement. With Bluetooth reaching its maturity stage, Bluetooth-enabled connectivity is one feature that is omnipresent in virtually any entertainment devices and any decision to leave what is supposed to be a de-facto feature has to be a bold one. When it comes to technology, popularity alone might not be the best measure of the usefulness of a technology. Until today, I still find Bluetooth wireless music streaming to be a cool thing but has so far find little practical use. If you wonder why, check out our technical discussion on wireless music streaming.

This great piece of equipment comes with a one year warranty to protect you from any bugs that may occur after purchasing this product. Every system comes with the sound bar and subwoofer for optimal sound quality to bring your home theater to life.

The Pros

It is our duty to highlight the pros of the product in this Philips CSS2123B Review. People who have purchased this product before have highlighted some of the best features. One of the most popular features of this system is that it is completely affordable compared to other sound systems. This system is also simple to set up and can be done quickly so you can begin getting great sound right away without any additional hassle. If you have some of Apple’s iDevices and you always find yourself using the traditional 3.5mm audio jack cable to connect your devices to the speakers, then Philips sound bar CSS2123B may be perfect for you. Most people enjoy the sound quality of this incredible product that has all he great qualities of a theater.

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The Cons

Just like every other review we have to list the cons in out Philips CSS2123B Review. No product is perfect and as you can see, even this product is going to have its flaws. The biggest complaint of this system is that you have to purchase all of the hook up cables that are required to make the system operate. Some people have complained about the sound quality of higher frequency with this product. Since this product is more affordable, some people have found that it lacks the quality equivalence of other systems that are more expensive. Other people found the connections to outside media sources to be a little too complex to operate and some have even complained about the quality of sound from outside sources.

The Verdict

After looking at all the product features, the pros, and the cons, we conclude our Philips CSS2123B Review with a final verdict. If you are looking for affordable sound bar solution, then this is one of the best systems you are going to get for a lower price. You must understand that when you are spending less money, you are bound to come across some flaws about the product that you wouldn’t normally get from a more expensive piece of equipment on the market.

As a closing note, if price is a big concern to you, make sure you check out other popular sound bar models such as Vizio VSB207 and PolkAudio SurroundBar 3000. But if you are interested only in the best, head on to our pick of the best sound bar for Flatscreen TV.


  1. I personally prefer a direct connection to the soundbar rather than a wireless one. Bluetooth audio compression is known to reduce the quality significantly. But again,if you prefer convenient, Wireless is must.

  2. There are cheap bluetooth dongles that can connect to the audio plug to make this or any system with an audio plug wireless.

  3. I am looking for a remote control for this unit

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