LG Soundbar Review: NB3530A

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For decades, LG has been a household brand name in consumer electronics. Today, LG is one of the leaders in the home entertainment market. Its flatscreen LED TV is second only to its biggest rival Samsung. Leveraging on its strong foothold in the TV market, LG has been producing sound bars to compliment its push in the Smart TV market. LG has quite a number of soun dbar models available in the market but LG Sound bar NB3520A remains as LG’s top-selling model. LG Sound bar NB3530A is the latest addition to the sound bar family and it offers few improvements to the NB3520A. Read on this LG sound bar review and see if LG’s latest model is a good value for money.

LG Sound Bar NB3530A vs NB3520A

First off, let’s take a look at the marketing tagline used for both model. For the earlier NB3520A, the tagline says ‘300W Sound Bar System’. For the latest NB3530A, the tagline says ‘300W Stylish & Slim Sound Bar’. Based on this alone, you know what to expect. True to its slogan, the latest 300W sound bar from LG looks slimmer and sexier. At 2.8-inch tall, it takes up 10% less space if you decide to put it below your flatscreen TV. The thickness shrunk by similar margin from 2.1-inch to 1.9-inch. The width sees the least shrink by only about 5%.


Connector ports view of LG NB3530AFront panel view of LG NB3530A

The size of the subwoofer unit has also been shrunk by around 20% compared to its earlier version. The subwoofer for NB3530A measures 6.7″x14.2″x12.4″ compared to 8″x15″x12″ for the NB3520A. On the weighing scale, the new subwoofer design weighs 12.2lbs or 30% lighter. If you have a small room, every inch matters and the new dimension is definitely less bulky and looks more elegant.

On the connection side, there is no addition or elimination. The number of inputs on the latest LG sound bar model remain as 3. Two of them are optical inputs and one of them is the standard 3.5mm analog stereo jack. While it cannot brag about having HDMI support, I see it as a smart decision. If you are going to connect your sound bar to the flatscreen TV, digital optical input is all you need. You will not lose out for not being able to plug a HDMI cable to it as no one is going to connect a HDMI output to their sound bar anyway.

Both NB3530A and NB3520A comes with wireless subwoofer, which is the de-facto package in sound bars these days. With wireless subwoofer, you have the flexibility of placing the subwoofer anywhere within the room and does not have to be cramped together near the TV and sound bar. In addition, you will have one less cable to clutter in your living room. This might seem trivial. But most sound bar reviews revealed that this is one feature that many sound bar owners have come to appreciate.


LG Sound bar NB3530A is definitely a continuation and nothing revolutionary. Powered by 140W subwoofer, it definitely has enough punching power to create a decent surround sound experience. The new slimmer and lighter weight is an improvement that typical sound bar users will appreciate.

If the latest LG sound bar does not make your cut, you may want to take a look at how the Samsung HW-F450 fares. Or, if you are looking for the best, be sure to check out our candidates for the best sound bar for LED TVs.

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