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Bose solo tv sound bar reviews

You’ve just bought a shiny new flat screen TV and can’t wait to start watching my favorite movies and shows. To your dismay, upon turning it on, you notice that though the TV’s picture quality is impeccable, the sound is utterly lacking.

You are unable to understand dialogue in loud action movies; the television system vibrates at times; and there is nearly no bass in music tracks. If you have such experience, then welcome to the reality world of LED TV era.

You are not the first and obviously not the only one having such frustration. Until they can invent powerful sound reproduction technology using slim speakers (which is contrary to the engineering fundamentals), then we don’t have much options, do we?

This reason is the exact catalyst behind the thriving sound bar business and it is this frustation that Bose is trying to address. Rich sound experience that does not compromise the aesthetic sides of your living room.

Bose Solo TV placementRear view of Bose Solo TV System

The Highlights

What appears to be a major problem can be easily resolved by getting the right sound bar. If you have always been a Bose enthusiast, the Solo TV Sound System is definitely something that you will consider. Definitely not the likes of Samsung HW-F450 or Vizio S3821W-C0.

The Solo system is sleek, ten pound rectangular box that plugs into most television sets and seamlessly delivers incredible sound quality to the viewer. It consists of a single speaker system and is advertised as being the simplest, most convenient way to drastically improve the television experience.

Utilizing Bose’s unique speaker array technology, the device projects clear sound widely in a room, and simultaneously, acts as a simple alternative to a surround sound system.

One cool feature worth mentioning is its ability to intelligently gauge type the of television programming and adjust the sound appropriately. The system comes with a remote control, which conveniently allows the user to power the system on or off, adjust its volume, and mute it.

The system has three types of audio inputs, including optical audio, coaxial, and analog stereo; the respective cables for each unit are included with the system.

The High Points

From its description and user testimonies, there are a number of advantages conferred by adding the Bose sound system to a TV.

First, the system greatly enhances the sound emitted by a TV, whether it is associated with a movie, a game, a TV show, or music. The increase in quality is immediately noticeable, as voices become clearer and bass becomes more pronounced.

It is very beneficial for users that have trouble hearing, as words become significantly more audible. In multiplayer gaming, it may mean the difference between a victory and a loss, as it enables gamers to pick up distant sounds. In sporting events, the system’s clarity allows users to understand distant spectator dialogue, a feat impossible with most standalone TVs.

Secondly, for homes in close proximity to one another, or for smaller rooms such as college dorms where powerful surround sound systems would be inappropriate, the Bose sound system is ideal.

Thirdly, the system is extremely convenient, offering a plug-and-play setup that can be completed in minutes. Unlike a home theater system, it does not require any complex wiring, tactical speaker placement, or calibration. The remote is designed for simplicity as well, with just four buttons, allowing even the least technologically savvy individuals to operate it with ease.

The Low Points

After reading a few of the Bose sound bar reviews and based on my own assessments, however, there were a few factors regarding the system that I had to consider before making my purchase.

First, although the system is compatible with most TVs, it can only rest under TVs up to 37″, and in a few cases, up to 42″. In other words, if I had a larger or wall-mounted TV, I would have to place the system on a nearby shelf. This could be aesthetically displeasing, or ironically, inconvenient if no such shelf was available.

Secondly, a few reviews indicated that the system must be placed a small distance away from bordering objects in order to avoid sound distortion. This could pose a problem if my TV or cabinet was much too near a wall.

Thirdly, though the system improves the TV’s sound, it is not a viable replacement for a complete surround sound system. It lacks the powerful fine tuning controls found in more advanced sound systems. The fact that there is only one speaker reduces its ability to produce a true surround sound. But it is a problem that is inherent in any, even among the best sound bar models.

Since sound bar home theater system produces what is classified as virtual surround, the question is not how great the surround quality is but how close it is to the true surround experience.

The Final Say

To recap this Bose Solo TV review, it is necessary to consider the details outlined above to ensure that the system meets all expectations. While it improves sound quality conveniently, it has its limitations. It is certainly not a replacement for a complete surround sound system, especially if you have previously used other Bose systems in the past.

While it will fail to impress audiophiles, the Bose Solo TV Sound System is a practical option that will fill voids in casual television viewing. Find out if the Bose Solo TV system makes it to our ultimate list of sound bar titans.

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  1. Lanny

    For Christmas my wife and I decided to purchase a “sound bar” to improve the sound quality of our 1 yr old 46″ Samsung flat screen. After reading many reviews and looking at Consumer Report choices and still being unable to decide what to purchase I narrowed my choices to 3 picks. I ordered a Bose Solo TV “sound bar”(4390.00), a Vizio S3821w-CO($165.00) and a Sony HT CT660($300.00). At this time I have hooked up the Bose and the Vizio and listened to TV programs, movies and music. I am no audiophile, just like a decent discernible sound. As far as I am concerned the Vizio has better sound than the Bose – and for a lot less money. Even if the prices were the same I would still choose the Vizio. Plus with the Vizio you can do the music streaming from your phone or computer. I have yet to hook up and compare the Sony. I may also do a Vizio “upgrade” and purchase a Vizio SB4021E-BO($185.00) and see what it sounds like. I know that Bose has tremendous sounding surround sound speakers and “Audio wave” systems but I was disappointed in their SOLO system. Time to hook up the Sony!!!!! Return the BOSE!!!

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