Is Bose Cinemate 1SR for You?

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When you do sound bar reviews, it is always fun to do a review on the crème de la crème of systems. Bose has built its reputation for producing great systems that produce nothing but top-notch quality sound that is supposed to be equal to visiting a movie theater. But what about the quality of the sound bar systems that the brand produced? Where do they stand among the best sound bars that are available in the market? This Bose Cinemate 1SR Review is going to review the key features, pros, and cons of the system to see if this system keeps up with the reputation that Bose has already laid down for this product.

Bose Cinemate 1SR Review Highlights

Bose Cinemate 1SR has a sound bar that produces a spacious sound that projects sound throughout the natural acoustics of a room. This sound bar is designed to be sleek so it fits nicely wherever you may need to store it. This sound system is customized to different room size, shape, and furnishings. This system doesn’t require a box and simply connects to your HDTV system.

This great sound bar model from Bose is equipped with two of the brand’s cutting-edge technologies. First, Bose’s own Flexmount technology gives owners the flexibility in their sound bar placement. In essence, the unit can be placed either on the table (below your LED TV) or mounted on the wall. The next picture shows which facet of the set will be facing the audience when placed using the two approaches.

The built-in algorithm will detect the placement orientation and adjust its audio output for a maximum experience at that orientation. Back in 2011 when the Flexmount technology was first introduced, it made quite a bit of headlines but since then, other manufacturers like Panasonic, have closed the gap and followed suit with similar technology that can be found in models such as the SC-HTB70.

The other technology that many owners have come to love is the seamless audio callibration feature, better known as ADAPTiQ. As we know it, what makes sound bar systems so appealing is down to its promise of simple practicality. But honestly speaking, without satellite speakers and proper callibration, have we come to expect a one-size fit-all solution to exist in sound bar? Is it really rationale to expect a single sound bar setting to produce great surround sound regardless the room size, placement location and room condition? The answer turns out to be ‘No’.

At least this is what the ADAPTiQ algorithm is trying to overcome. Based on what the company claims, owners simply need to run the ADAPTiQ system and let it take care of the rest. The callibration algorithm will be able to determine the room environment and tailored its setting that will give an optimal sound experience. Based on my experience and what others mention in other Bose Cinemate 1SR reviews, it is an attempt in the right direction but it is not without flaws. I guess it will still be some time before surround sound from sound bar can really substitute the quality produced from full-set home theater systems.

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The Pros

One of the best parts of this Bose Cinemate 1SR review is to show the list of pros associated with this product. The Bose reputation is a major pro for this product because this reputation shows that the company makes excellent quality equipment. When people first open the box and conduct their Bose Cinemate 1sr test, they are not surprised by the quality sound that comes from this product that doesn’t disappoint on Bose’s reputation. Another pro of this product is that the set up is very simple, so people can enjoy their new sound system without a hassle.

Bose Cinemate 1SR Review

Don’t just take my word for it. Make sure you check out the Bose SR1 manual that can be downloaded here and you can make your own judgement if you would agree with me on the simplicity of this great product from Bose. People also enjoy that the included remote control gives you the freedom to shut off the speakers. Finally, people who have bought this speaker system enjoy the look of the design because it is simple to blend into a decorated room.

The Cons

One thing that makes the Bose Cinemate 1SR review so difficult is that you have to look for the flaws in a quality product. One of the biggest cons of this product is its cost. Since Bose has such a profitable reputation, it is no surprise that these systems go for such a high price. Other people claim that the wires that are included in the product are cheap compared to the costs of the system itself. Other people don’t like that this product doesn’t come with more luxuries such as Bluetooth capabilities. People were also a little upset that this product doesn’t come with a surround sound option as a luxury. Some people feel that with such a high price, this system should come with all the bells and whistles.

The Verdict

It is time to bring this Bose Cinemate 1SR review to a close. We have concluded that this system lives up to the high reputation that Bose has created. Though this product is a little pricey, it seems to be well worth the money for people who can afford it.

For those who find Bose solutions to be too pricey, several lower price alternatives are available. If price is your main concern, check out our take on the latest Samsung HW-F450 or LG NB3530A. If you are interested only in the best, check out our pick for the best sound bar for Flatscreen LED TV.

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