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Best mid-range sound bar - Sonos Playbar

There is no denying that sound bars have taken home theatre systems and the way people watch movies in the comfort of their homes by storm. People have now been looking more into investing simply on sound bars rather than spending an awful lot of money on surround sound stereos that take forever to install. Sound bars prove to be just as capable as surround sound stereos when it comes to giving the ears the sweet feelings that they so crave.

Price Range

Like many other appliances, it somehow still boils down to the type of quality one can get for a certain price. Of course, it is almost a universal truth that those that cost more usually offer more. That is to make it a fair game, this review of the best sound bar will focus only on models that neither cost too low (so as to make it impossible to fit any good components with) nor too high (which limits its affordability to only few).

In this edition, we focus on the most superb sound bar models that cost in the range of seven hundreds to a thousand bucks. As the contender, we have models from Sonos, Klipsch, Polk Audio, Yamaha and Harman Kardon. Let’s dive down into it and see how they square off against each other.


The Face off

Sonos Playbar

The first to contend in this little contest for dominance between these sound bars is the Sonos playbar. First off the bat is its great and sleek design that could never fail to impress. Not content with just mere superficiality, Sonos tends to boost itself with lots of features. The sound it produces tickle the ear like few others can.

Klipsch HD Theater SB3Great mid-range sound bar - Polk Audio Surroundbar 9000

The sound is of high detail and has features like night mode that enhances quiet sounds and lowers loud sounds. This makes for a very good sound bar when watching movies. The biggest letdown of Sonos Playbar is the lack of HDMI input. But this is one concerned that to a certain degree has been compensated with Sonos’ proprietary wireless networking capability. It easily connects to the WiFi station that you have at home and once connected, it can easily receive audio stream from any device that is connected within the same network.

It can easily be controlled and navigated using latest generations smartphones, be it Android or iOS phones. One consideration to make is you are not going to get real surround sound experience when you buy this single piece on its own. If you want to experience the true surround, you need to buy all the rest of the speakers and subwoofer that can be networked together to form 5.1 system. This is something that sounds good on paper but when you add up all of them together, make sure you are prepared to spend thousands of bucks to form the complete surround system.


Klipsch HD Theater SB3

There are those appliances in which the features should be limited so that people can just focus on what the appliance offers. The Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 is one of those things. It just does away with what most people can expect from other sound bars and instead focus on the main point of having a sound bar: the sound. The sound that this little baby produces brings in a lot of hype since it has much to offer in terms of the dynamics. The bass is awesome and this is one sound bar for those who just want to have amazing sound for their movies and music. On the downside though, it does not have features like Bluetooth and virtually every other advanced feature at all. Still, this is one great find.

Harman Kardon SB30

Polk Audio Surroundbar 9000

Polk is known for being user-friendly and high audio quality. There are a lot of people who would choose this sound bar simply because it gives the user much ease from installing it and up to the using of it. The great ease of this sound bar starts when it is installed. It is really so easy that it takes almost no work needed for it to be done. Also, the sound output is very food and it delivers great to small to medium sized rooms. The bad things though include the lack of an HDMI input and that it is not exactly for 5.1 surround sound. Still worth a try though.

Yamaha YSP-4000BL

Yamaha is not one to play around when it comes to providing the best sound output there is. This sound bar is a simple demonstration of great quality output. The sound is excellent and it has a powerful surround effect. It is also very easy to set up and automatically calibrates. The downside though is that the remote is confusing and that it still recommends a subwoofer to be used.


Harman Kardon SB30

Harman Kardon is one brand that stands out. This sound bar gives one the feeling of really listening to an actual conversation wen watching a movie. The sound is so clear and crisp. The bass though, could use a little more power to it.

The verdict

Overall, it is very much hard to decide just which one is the best sound bar within their price range. It is rather dependent on the decision and needs of the user.

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