Epic Battle of the Sound Bar Titans

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Sound bars or soundbars, are now a sort of a necessity when it comes to having such things as home theatre systems. Not only are they smaller than the average stereo speakers, they may also sound better and definitely are a little lighter on the pocket than their larger cousins. But when it comes to choosing sound bars, which one would prove to be the best choice? Rather, what would one want to find from a sound bar.

The rising demand in sound bars

Finest high end sound bar - Bose Cinemate 1 SR Digital Home Theater Speaker System

It is no mystery that, like so many other things of technology these days, some brands and models suck and some really prove worthy of note. People these days have taken notice of sound bars as the things that could well be missing from their own personal home theatre. This is why it is very important to get the best one that would specifically meet the needs of the owner. With so many of the sound bars in existence out there these days, how could one know which one is worth the investment? Luckily, people could get to choose from the largest and most popular of brands to see which one really meets the needs of the people.

The Contenders

Bose Cinemate 1SR

First off the bat is the Bose Cinemate 1 SR, which is basically a very good sound bar for those who are just starting out in their journeys of trying out sound bars and enjoying one after the other. The reason for this is that this particular sound bar gives exactly what it promises with little to no hassle. It is easy to install, and it has a powerful room filling audio. Not to mention its stylish look that shows how compact and beautiful it is. The downside though is that there are those first time sound bar buyers that might find this a little costly. For those who know their products though, this is the bee’s knees.


Sony has always been popular and known for being able to deliver what it promises, and this sound bar is no different. The best thing about this sound bar is that it does not promise the whole world in audio, but it delivers so much. People have said that it is the good for what it is for. It does movies excellently and even though the music is not its forte, it still manages to not ruin it and still produce acceptable quality. And as an added beautiful bonus for this nifty product, the remote has been lauded and complimented by a lot of users. The remotes are really very responsive and are just easy to use. For these great qualities, this sound bar is one to give a chance.

Yamaha YSP-4300

Top high end sound bar - Yamaha YSP-4300

Yamaha is one brand that really goes to great lengths to give the user as much enjoyment as it possibly can. Yamaha YSP-4300 is a 7.1 channel sound bar system. Initially invented to be deployed along with the big screens in cinemas, 7.1 surround experience defines the ultimate when it comes to home theater cinematic experience. It is a bold move on Yamaha’s part to come up with this.

On whether this sound bar model is good enough, the answer is one that depends on your expectation. Compared to the typical 2.1 sound bar system, YSP-4300 definitely trumps them all. However, if you expect your sound bar to really deliver true 7.1 surround quality, I’m afraid you might be in for disappointment. I mean, to be really honest, do you really think a one-piece sound bar that is assisted with a subwoofer unit can really deliver that?

Martin Logan vision

This beautiful little sound bar is really a piece of art. It really is a very nice sound bar. But some people may expect too much from it. This isn’t fair as it doesn’t really promise so much but it really does give so much more than what it seems to promise. There are a lot of great things about this sound bar. The sounds are clean and clear. The bass is great and powerful in this one. Also, the controls on top of it are a really nice touch. There are a couple of downsides to this though. For some people, they think that this sound bar ought to offer more for its price. Though that point is still debatable, people also demand an HDMI input and have the volume displayed on default. Other than those, this sound bar is A-Okay.

Atlantic Technology FS-5000

Most of the time, sound bars are chosen rather than speakers for their size and width. This makes the FS-5000 a tank of a sound bar. FS-5000 is a follow-up to Atlantic Technology’s highly popular and highly acclaimed FS-4000. Coming in at 50-inch wide, this cool looking sound bar is designed for use with the larger 50-inch TVs. By itself, it comes with 3 2-way speakers for front left, front right and front center channels. The great thing with this model is its flexibility that allows expansions with optional surround speakers and subwoofers. But should you decide to buy this great sound bar, do not forget to turn off the surround and subwoofer mode if you have not bought the surround speakers and subwoofer.

The result of the battle

In this battle for supremacy of the sound bar titans, there is no clear victor. The different kinds of sound bars cater specifically and especially to different kinds of users. It all boils down to the needs of the user when it comes to choosing.

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