Is Atlantic Technology PowerBar 235 really a Powerful Sound Bar?

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Audiophiles and music lovers alike understand the importance of having a quality device to listen to their music, movies and other audio entertainment options. And with that quality should also come the convenience of not being a massive system that takes up a lot of space or is unsightly.

Atlantic Technology PowerBar 235 Sound Bar Reviews

The Atlantic Technology H-PAS PowerBar-235 does not only offer a design that looks great, but also maximum sounds that will enhance your entire listening experience. Whether you are watching the big game with your buddies or the newest blockbuster flick with your family, you can guarantee that you’ll hear every little detail with this audio system.

This Atlantic Technology H-Pas PowerBar 235 review gives you a good glimpse into one of the more popular models that are currently available in the market.


As sound bars have gained increased popularity in previous years, this has driven the technology that is involved to become more advanced. The real winner, especially in the case of the PB-235, is the consumer.

Atlantic Technology has created a fully functional sound bar that offers HD quality sound that is crystal clear. It’s amazing to think that this sound bar does not come with a subwoofer, considering the fact that it still lets out thumbing bass that will shake your room if you want it to.

At the same time, the PB-235 also offers a speech enhancement option that is perfect during quieter audio segments that you really want to hear what is being said.

Another appreciated benefit of this sound bar is the Multi Channel DSP with Dolby Digital and DTS. This feature allows users to listen in a 2, 3 or 5 channel virtual sonic landscape, which provides some of the most realistic and immersive sound you have ever experienced.

Overall, the PB-235 offers a gigantic upside in terms of the audio it puts out and can compete with other systems that are nearly double, or triple, the price of the H-PAS.

Front-view of PowerBar 235Rear-view of PowerBar 235
Front View of the PowerBar 235
Rear View (Connector & Mounting) of PowerBar 235


Because there is no subwoofer for this device, it is to be expected that the PB-235 is going to be a bit bigger than your average sound bar.

That said, its 42-inch long and 7-inch high frame isn’t anything that is overwhelming or overbearing. Instead, it offers a solid looking sound bar that looks great in any room next to a TV, mounted on a wall or hidden behind a couch.

Atlantic Technology offered an option to switch the sound display with this sound bar, so that you can even flip it upside down if that is what works best for you. This means that no matter where you put it or in what position, you’re going to get solid sound that will fill your entire room.

Keep in mind that the PB-235 is about 20lbs, so if you do plan to mount it on a wall, you may need a bit of assistance in doing so. This is one issue commonly raised in many sound bar reviews discussing about the PowerBar 235.

One thing that some users (I’m one of them) may not like as much about the H-PAS is the buttons on top of the device. This section, which is typically used for the power, mode, source and volume buttons, takes away from the sleek and aesthetic feel of the bar.

It isn’t anything that should sway a user away from using the bar, but it does make you scratch your head wondering why such a beautiful bar couldn’t have put this display much more out of sight.

Ease Of Use

When it comes to the H-PAS PB-235, you are going to have two quandaries when it comes to installation. First, is deciding where to put it. And next, depending on your strength, could be the overall weight of the bar.

Outside of that, there isn’t much in terms of setup for technology. On most standardized television sets, you’ll simply have to mute the internal speakers and then begin running audio through the H-PAS instead.

From inside the H-PAS itself is where you will setup the audio features such as bass and treble. But outside of that, you won’t need to do much more. The PB-235 calibrates itself and will begin putting out optimum audio from the beginning.


Sound bars can cost a lot of money. In some situations, even more than the television set that you are running the sound bar through. However, with the Atlantic Technology H-PAS PowerBar 235, you are getting an entirely different audio experience that is worth the investment.

There are numerous Atlantic Technology sound bar reviews that will rave about it. I’d have to agree because it is among the better-designed sound bars.

But the PowerBar 235 is definitely not made for everyone. Consider the absence of external subwoofer that leads to bulkier and heavier unit. If style and room aesthetics is important to you, you may want to check out our pick for the best sound bars for LED TVs.

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